Grass clippings and You!

As summer turns to fall, the Huntington Stormwater Office wants to remind residents that not cleaning up your grass clipping and leaves does great harm to water quality, as well as impeding natural drainage of rain water into the drain system. Check out this hand out that our Inspections Division has been passing out to area residents as a reminder. Credit for this publication goes to Marin County, CA’s Stormwater Team.

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Welcome to our site!

The City of Huntington Stormwater Office is currently implementing a comprehensive plan to better protect our community and our environment through education and action.

Click through our site to find more about projects, education and outreach, how to report flooding, how and where to buy rain barrels, stormwater regulations, how to report stormwater pollution, and much much more!

Remember, WE are the solution to stormwater pollution!

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Ever wanted to know where to get rid of different materials but didn’t know where to start? Check out this link with loads of helpful information, courtesy of the Marshall University Physical Plant.

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