Environmental Projects

The City of Huntington, in addition to implementing our NPDES plan for stormwater management, is embarking on several supplemental environment projects. Read about them below and their timetables for completion!

Pervious Surface Installation

Pervious surface building materials can be used to locally infiltrate rainwater and reducethe runoff leaving a site. Use of these materials can also eliminate problems with standing water, provide for groundwater recharge, control erosion of streambeds and riverbanks, and facilitate pollutant removal. This first demonstration area of pervious surfaces is set for Harris Riverfront Park. Check back here for more details and updates soon!

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens, or bio-retention cells, are intentionally created depressions in the landscape which collect stormwater runoff from buildings, parking lots, and other impervious surfaces. Rain gardens capture the runoff and allow it to slowly infiltrate the ground, recharging ground water and filtering pollution to reduce to water amount flowing to our sanitary sewer system. Our first demonstration garden will be located at Harris Riverfront Park. More information and updates are upcoming!

Tree Plantings

Trees are a vital component of stormwater mitigation and good water quality, especially in highly developed urban areas. Tree canopies slow down stormwater by intercepting the water and allowing for prolonged saturation into the ground. You will see the beginning of this project along 8th Street near Ritter Park. Check back soon for more plantings!


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